Move over Pumpkin, the new fruit of fall is here!


As you may know by now, I'm quite the fruit lover, and just last week I discovered a new fruit that is unique and very tasty.  This bright beauty is called a persimmon, it's most commonly a bright orange color and is sometimes mistaken for a tomato.  The skin is a little crunchy and the inside has a consistency kind of like a peach.  Best of all, if you pick the right kind, it can taste just like sugar! 

For a festive twist, sprinkle it with cinnamon and enjoy.  You can even couple it with some nog or cider for a treat that's sure to satisfy!


Persimmon can be used to make jams and jellies and even can be used to make Persimmon, smoothies, breads, pudding, cakes, or pies.  If you're not a fan of pumpkin for your fall recipe try this fall fruit alternative, and see what YOU think!

A couple Persimmon facts for you:  

1)  Though it looks a lot like a tomato, it's actually in the berry family, full of antioxidants! 

2) There are two varieties of persimmon, astringent and non-astringent. The non-astringent look most like a tomato, are flatter and sweet and edible from crunchy to soft.  The astringent variety look more like an apple, are taller and quite bitter untill fully ripe or soft! 

I fully recommend the non-astringent type like the pic below, and think you'll agree - they are most delicious and sweet!

You can buy them at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, sometimes even Publix. Have you seen them, tried them? Have a favorite recipe? Sound off in the comments below!

Ready for a Sweet Saturday Night?!


What would you think if I said chocolate, truffles, wine, ale, champagne, and music?! 🍫🍷🍺🍾🎧  If a sweet Saturday night comes to mind, keep reading!😎

Tomorrow I'm spinning at Jimmie's Chocolates 69th Annual Anniversary Party and YOU and your favorite person could win tickets to spend the evening with yours truly, and $42 worth of chocolate and drinks!😯


What is Jimmie's Chocolates you ask?  Just picture a sexy cafe full of chocolate enthusiasts and an assortment of local artisan chocolate, including the rare chocolate hand rolled truffle (YUM!) - available in several delicious flavors😁

I'm so excited to set the mood for this yummy event with an eclectic mix of entertainment, atmosphere, and awesome awesome people!  You can expect sultry house and lounge beats from me - at least until the sugar and wine kick in 😉  And as if that wasn't enough - a portion of proceeds will go to local charities!


***If you want to win a pair of tickets for FREE be the 9th person to answer the following question BELOW, on FB, INSTAGRAM, or TWITTER or all of the above!🤗

Q:  What year did Jimmie's Chocolates ORIGINALLY open in Dania, Florida?🤔

Hint:  a long time ago😋


Hope to see you there!!!

Hits Sessions Starring Steve Aoki

Aoki Kat Hits Sessions Pic use.jpg

Two things that you'd never think could be any more EPIC - a Steve Aoki show, and the New Hits 97.3's Hits Sessions - collided on Friday to make sweet cake HITStory!!

I had the pleasure of heating up the night while spinning at Revolution Live before Steve Aoki took the stage, and rocked the crowd with hits from some of Aoki's buddies - The Chainsmokers, Diplo, Kid Cudi, and more!!!  The amazing HITS listeners were even louder and more hype than ever, and as always I LOVED every minute on the decks! 😉

Once Aoki took the stage the crowd literally lost it!!!  Dj Laz and Kimmy B interviewed Steve and nothing was off limits.  They chatted about  his new Netflix Documentary "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" including how he got his start, his journey, who he's worked with along the way, what he's up to now, and what's to come.  Along the way, he actually premiered a new track that he's NEVER played before in public.  The new music was awesome and had the crowd LIT!!!  Aoki even brought fans onto the stage for dancing and selfies!

Aoki Hits Session Crowd hands up.JPG

Steve definitely knows how to start a party and that was all even before the cakes were brought out🎂😁🎂


Hits 97.3 Listeners and hardcore Aoki fans (including one guy in a banana suit), lined up for the caking of a lifetime!!!  While blasting his notorious track "Cake Face", Steve plastered his victims, and before you know it - everyone was throwing cake in the air and it looked like it was raining cake confetti!!!😜


For ALL the pics click BELOW:

One of the greatest things about Steve is that aside from providing madly entertaining shows, he is undoubtedly a smart and giving individual who is involved in a plethora of charity work, and pushes a message of really being able to create anything you set your mind to!

For more info on his music, charity work, and upcoming performances, click here.  To see pics/video of my show with Steve at Hard Rock arena, click here []  []

Did you make it out?! What was you favorite part of the night? Who should come to the HITS Sessions stage next? Sound off in the comments below!😊


To keep up to date with all the upcoming HITS 973 events, Hits Sessions, contest and more, click here!

Special thanks to the New Hits 97.3, Steve Aoki, Lexus of Pembroke Pines and Lexus of North Miami!

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Hurricane Matthew


Hurricane Matthew skated right by south Florida this week, but while we're pretty much high and dry, there are still people feeling the effects of the storm.

Whether this was your first experience or just one of many experiences with the effects of - or even simply the preparations that come along with a hurricane, we can be grateful and continue to learn from everything that comes along with the possibility of a hurricane making landfall where we live.


Now that the commotion has passed and there is no urgency in front of us, it's actually the perfect time to reflect on what worked and what didn't work - because in south Florida, there's always the chance of another storm coming around the corner. 

Some of the top concerns when dealing with a pending storm are: having shutters (or something to protect the windows), enough water & food, gasoline for vehicles and generators, and certain supplies like flashlights, a radio, a first aid kit, and at least a week's supply of any medicines you may need.  Many of these concerns could be addressed way before things get chaotic - I know many many people who went to get water, only to find empty shelves on Wednesday!


When it comes to water, there are a ton of options even if you don't want to buy bottles. You could buy 5 gallon jugs instead and fill cups or your own bottles (approx $4-6 to fill a jug), or you could avoid buying water altogether and fill up empty bottles or tupperware with filtered water or tap!  For food, it's a great idea to always have some kind of dry or canned food during hurricane season, so all kinds of chips, cereals, dried fruit, protein bars, canned tuna, salmon, beans - anything that has a long expiration date that doesn't require refrigeration and that you can eat without cooking! You don't have to wait till we have hurricane watches or warnings to have shelf stable food in the house, especially during hurricane season!

Now, on to shutters!!!!
It is suggested to put shutters up as soon as there is a tropical storm watch because from there things can move very quickly and become unsafe to do so 😳 I personally know a few people who got injured with hurricane shutters this week because of being in a rush, or not asking for help, or simply not taking proper precautions.


One friend, who will remain nameless 🙈 took on putting his shutters up, last minute, by himself. Needless to say, shutters are really a two person job, and he found out the reality of that 6 stitches later when the shutter came crashing down on his foot! 😖  Better to prepare early, get a buddy, be careful and wear safe attire, boots and gloves.

Speaking of a buddy, my experience this week, even though we didn't really get the storm, was that it was a great excuse to be with family 😁  Us Floridians often joke about Hurricane parties, but it really is always a fun / good idea to be with loved ones in a safe place together just in case!

As you may have seen, there a lot of memes joking about how little to no effects we had in south Florida - one of the most popular is below:


While these are a good laugh when you look at how concerned some of us got, the severity of the actual storm is no joke, because they really can be dangerous - and all is takes is one treefall or electric wire in water - to completely alter someone's life.  

The most important thing to remember is that we did not get the brunt of the storm here in the southeast, and not to get complacent in the future thinking that a category 4 hurricane is no big deal.  Look at the images from Haiti, Cuba, St Augustine and always be safe and prepare when it is suggested to do so!  Of course if you're able to, when the storm has cleared, be a part of the community and help other people that weren't as fortunate as you or I.

A couple random tips! 
- Do your laundry👚👕👖😜
- Cook the food you have so it lasts longer, ex: Hard boil your eggs!
- Either keep extra batteries or have a flashlight or radio that are manually powered!
- Clean and fill up your bathtub with water to be able to wash with or flush toilets with!

And incase you forget....😺


How was your experience? Any helpful hurricane tips or tricks? Comment below!!

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Are you LOCO for COCO??!!


Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a deep passion for tropical fruit - especially coconuts! Coconut is actually a big part of my diet, from coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut butter, to coconut water! 


I'll never forget the first time I tried coconut water straight from a young Thai coconut 😱  It surpassed any coconut experience I've ever had, and left my tastebuds surprised and excited!  It was refreshing, crisp and clean tasting, with a perfect sweetness...I can still taste how delicious it was! (cue Justin Timberlake: "Can't Stop the Feeling!")

The only problemo was that sometimes when you find something sooo good, other things may seem to not measure up!  Every time I tried regular bottled brands, they always seemed a bit of a let down.. Either they weren't as sweet, or weren't as fresh-tasting - and believe it or not - for many of them, I could actually taste the bottle they came in (eww!).  The cans taste like metal, the bottles like plastic - man, I was really missing the real thing!

Then one day, I came across a bottle of Harmless Harvest coconut water, America's first fair for life, fair trade, organic coconut water made from Thai coconuts! The bottle caught my eye immediately, with two hands holding a green coconut - which right away made me think of the fresh young coconut that I fell in love with that starry Miami evening :p 


So there I was about to try yet another coconut water, hoping it would taste at least close to the amazingness I remembered, and no joke - I was in such shock with my first sip.  It seemed too good to be true... I had to try it again!😋  Sweet and clean and like it was rehydrating every cell in my body, I'd finally found it, and I didn't have to cut down the coconuts myself to get it! Needless to say I was hooked!! 

One of the coolest things about Harmless harvest is that some of the bottles contain PINK liquid, which is what happens when antioxidants in the coconut water react to light (so cool, right?!) This is 100% natural and not caused by any artificial colors or additives.

And by the way, if you're more of a sports drink fan, coconut water is actually packed with health and athletic benefits, such as its high potassium content.  One small bottle of Harmless Harvest has more potassium than a whole banana!

Between it's amazing hydration, natural sugars, high potassium, and best of all - delicious taste - I take my Harmless Harvest coconuts waters everywhere!  In the studio, during exercise, even on stage while I'm DJ-ing!  Funny enough, Steve Aoki is also a big fan of Harmless Harvest, and includes it in his rider just like I do!😁  I actually had two bottles on-stage with me before our show at Seminole Hard Rock, and I shared shared one of my bottles with him!

Ok ok, so now that I've told you all about my love for coconut water and the one brand that I've found to come close to the actual experience of drinking straight from the fruit, what do YOU think?  Have you tried it?  What's your favorite brand of coconut water?

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Hits Sessions Starring Hailee Steinfeld


If you are still experiencing the rush from last week's HITS Sessions starring Haillee Steinfeld, you are NOT alone! 

It all went down at Revolution Live, Courtesy of Lexus of North Miami and Lexus of Pembroke Pines - and of course the New Hits 97.3!  The incredibly talented entertainer took the stage at Revolution Live with her sweet singing, dynamic dance moves, and awesome attitude! 


I had the pleasure of DJing and opening up for Miss Steinfeld before her performance, and I must say the crowd was on fire!!  In the words of Hailee "Oh my goodness you guys are amazing!!" Not only was the energy of the crowd incredible from the moment they lined up at the door outside Revolution Live, but the Hits 97.3 listeners' energy only grew throughout the night! 

The crowd flooded in so excitedly and were extra-interactive, dancing and singing at the top of their lungs!  I played a couple songs from Justin Bieber including "Let Me Love You" and "Cold Water", Ariana Grande with "Be Alright" and "Into You", and "Side to Side", and pretty much everything and anything Fifth Harmony - and the entire Revolution Live was filled with screaming singing voices!  :D


Then finally, the moment we were all waiting for, Hailee Steinfeld's 4 beautiful dancers took the stage with their fierce dance moves, followed by Hailee herself and the audience was in total awe!!! 


After performing 5 songs, including her new HIT record feat Zedd and Grey "Starving", a cover of "Love Yourself", and of course her breakout hit, "Love Myself", Haillee did a super fun interview with Frankie P that covered Kale Chips, gummy bears, setting DJ Khaled straight, what's next and who she'd love to collaborate with!  For all the juicy details check out the full video below!

Some of the most unexpectedly memorable moments of the night were:

- Her awesome bright pink nails 😉💅🏻

- Hailee throwing Slim Jims in to the crowd!

- Finding out Hailee's top 3 collaboration wishes including Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks, and Sia!

- When she said that Troye Sivan is one of her favorite human beings!😍

- And finally, that there is in fact a Pitch Perfect 3 script in the works and she is in it! 🎤


What was your favorite part of the night?! Are you already waiting for the next Hits Sessions?! Who should we have next?!

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Rays of Summer

With the sun going down on Summer and Fall coming up in just a few weeks, I can't help but think of all the amazing summer memories I've had!  One of my favorites, and at the top of my list of vacation destinations, is Grand Cayman.

Cayman water pic ocean.jpg

Between the close proximity to Miami - literally only about a 90min plane ride - the beautiful beaches, warm water, amazing food, and some of my favorite activities, Cayman holds a special place in my heart.  You're probably now wondering what are some of my favorite activities? Don't worry I won't keep you hanging ;)  

Speaking of hanging, one of my all time favorite things to do is ZIP LINE, where you basically are attached to a cable hanging in the sky, and you "fly" or at least the second closest thing to flying (outside of skydiving!)


So back to Cayman... one of the most exciting, coolest things I've ever done, is swimming with stingrays in Stingray City in Grand Cayman.  Stingrays you ask?!  Yes - absolutely!!   And not just one or two rays, but dozens of them from little ones to some as big as your arm span!  


I'm a bit of a small package, so I initially had to get over the fact that they weren't going to eat me  Once you get past the initial fear of these giant creatures - which do in fact have a possibly deadly built-in barb - it truly is such an exciting experience, as long as you behave (oh behaaave!).  Follow the guidelines, shuffle your feet (instead of stomping up and down), don't swim above them, etc, and you realize they are very used to human interaction and are not to be feared.  They are actually friendly, smooth as velvet, and you can hug them and even give them a big kiss, for what many believe will bring 7 years of good luck!  Definitely worth a try ;) 


Want to know more of the awesome Grand Cayman goodies?  I also got to visit with the rare blue iguana!  I actually grew up at home with a tortoise, reptile friends like frogs and salamanders, and an iguana!  Needless to say, it was cool to visit with such a rare cousin of the iguanas many of us south Floridians are used to seeing! 


I've saved the best for last.. yes - it's me in a blow-up hamster ball in the ocean, and it is so much harder than it looks!!  Quite the exercise but a guaranteed laugh while attempting to stay vertical! :P  I'm sure hamsters would beat any human in a triathalon :D  The hamster ball is not limited to Grand Cayman, but that was just the first time I ever did it!  Have you tried?  Were you able to run around in it? 


That's all for now folks, hope you enjoyed my trip through Grand Cayman! 

Questions, comments or fun summer memories of your own?! Let me know below! :)

Hits Sessions Starring Ruth B


In the world of entertainment, it's always GO time, and last night was no exception!  I was  smack dab in the middle of creative mode, aka PJ’s and a spoon of peanut butter :P and I got THE call!  It was 5:40pm and I was requested to step in and DJ HitsSessions starring Ruth B. This meant I had to get to Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale in just over an hour. Between getting ready and dealing with traffic - I wasn’t sure how it was even feasible, I just knew I was gunna make it happen! 

So you know those scenes in the movies where girls are picking out their outfits and it goes in fast motion? That was me, in actual motion lol.  For real though - I tried about 3 things on that didn’t work before I landed on my outfit and at that time had no more time for options, so it’s good that I found something!  (If not I might have had to show up in PJ’s and just call it a new trend!)  I took about 5 min on hair, 5 on makeup, 5 to make sure I had what I needed to DJ, and I boooooked!


I made it to Revolution Live a few minutes early, and there were already Ruth B fans lined up waiting for the doors to open!  Lulu and Lala were on the stage, snapping away and throwing out giveaways!  The energy in the room was palpable as we sang, danced, and patiently anticipated Ruth B’s arrival!


One song I was excited to play for the first time, was Fifth Harmony’s “That’s My Girl” and 2 seconds into the song - all the girls went CRAZY!! 

Ruth B took the stage behind her keyboard and started off with an interview with Frankie P!  She took questions from fans, including who her favorite artist is (Ed Sheeran) and her favorite song right now (Troye Sivan “Youth”)! Speaking of “Youth”, Frankie challenged Ruth to some impromptu covers including Troye Sivan "Youth", "Stitches" by Sean Mendes, Drake "Hold On We’re Going Home", and even Fetty Wap "Trap Queen"! 


What a voice! Her name should be Ruth B-eautiful voice!  Her vocal tone is somewhere between marshmallows, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup! She could literally sing the phonebook and it would sound like a beautiful lullaby.  

To hear the whole interview, impromptu covers and her amazing performance, check out all the action here:


If you didn’t make it or couldn’t tell from the video, Ruth B was so thrilled to be with us in Miami.  Her fans sang along with her and were so connected, it was an awesome evening! 

Hits Sessions is back, September 15th, with Hailee Steinfeld, brought to you by HITS 973 and Lexus of North Miami & Lexus of Pembroke Pines!  Make sure you register to win YOUR tickets on the Hits 973 App!! See you there!


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My Trip To The Village!

When I say sun, fun, art, and coffee in south Florida, what do you think of?!  Wynwood might come to mind, but with Wynwood these days, comes a world of worries as the area is ground zero for the Zika virus.  So what do you do if you're still looking for sun, fun, art, and coffee and you want to avoid the combat zone?  An awesome option where I just spent my weekend - is FAT Village!  

Photo Credit: Larry Marano

Photo Credit: Larry Marano

Photo Credit: Larry Marano

Photo Credit: Larry Marano


Haven't heard of it?  That's probably because it's an up and coming arts district in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale - but for creative people and people who like creativity - it's been bubbling for a while now.  The area is smaller and more intimate than Wynwood, and has sweet art, amazing atmosphere, a cool coffee shop, and fantastic photo ops.  

Photo Credit: Larry Marano

Photo Credit: Larry Marano

Photo Credit: Larry Marano

Photo Credit: Larry Marano

I went specifically for a photoshoot this past weekend because of the eclectic art and versatile backgrounds that pop up on walls, fences, and even deco doors!  With so many options, thousands of photos later we still couldn't capture all of the scenery!  FAT Village is definitely a place you can go back to and keep experiencing new things - plus they have a FAT Village Artwalk on the last Saturday of each month (7pm-11pm), more and more people are finding out about it.  Artwalk is a cool, street party with great music, food and festivities, including interactive exhibits where you might even become part of the art!  You can check out the Art Walk video here:


As a bonus, FAT Village is centrally located in Fort Lauderdale - it's also not too far from Revolution Live, home to great concerts and even our very own Hits 97.3 Hits Sessions. Of course Fort Lauderdale Beach is an option too! You can hit the beach, hit up Artwalk and then hit the dance floor at one of the many nearby clubs downtown.

The coffee shop that you HAVE to visit when you get to FAT Village is called Urban Brew Cafe.  It's connected to C&I Studios, an Idea Agency where you can book rooms for music videos, photo shoots, etc! Of course there is an array of coffees, teas and or baked goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth! My favorite is a vanilla latte with almond milk :)


The inside of the cafe is lined with books, and has unique decor - including oversized hourglasses or as I like to call them, "sand turners".  In one corner is a silver old fashioned mobile home / trailer that doubles as a gift shop.  Best of all, there's a great view of the train tracks and beautiful blue sky outside.  Whether you see a train or not, you're sure to hear them rumble by!

Photo Credit: Larry Marano

Photo Credit: Larry Marano


Another bonus of FAT Village is the "villagers" who often congregate at the cafe. It's a great creative communal gathering place to meet artists, filmmakers, photographers, graffiti artists, web developers, social media gurus, DJs :) and over-all, the fierce and the funky!!  Talk about a perfect fun networking opp to expand your horizons!

Photo Credit: Larry Marano

Photo Credit: Larry Marano


Have you been? Are you ready to go?!  Let me know in the comment below!

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Wow Wow Watermelon!


Wow wow watermelon! As if red juicy watermelon in the peak of summer wasn’t wonderful enough, imagine my surprise as I was strolling through the aisles at a local market and ran in to some YELLOW watermelon! Watermelon really epitomizes summer fruit, and a yellow watermelon that shines like the sun seemed too perfect to be true.. But there is was, staring at me in all its bright yellow glory.  I picked it up, introduced myself to the watermelon, and buckled it into the passenger seat on the way home ;)


First thing I did with it, was put it on my snapchat (it matched my yellow butterflies on the snapchat filter :P )  “Look what I got!” I said, obviously excited that I found this super cool, unique gem.  I took some pics and then dug in!


Find me on snapchat @ KatLaneMusic !

Next, I cut it up with fresh blackberries and some basil.. It was delicious and sweet, with a hint of a honey flavor.  Something you may not know, is that I’m a fruit fanatic, and I LOVE finding new fruits that I’ve never tried or heard of.  There’s just something exciting about finding exotic fruits :D 


I thought about what else I could do with my yellow watermelon.  I decided to cut it up and blend it with some crushed ice, making a yellow watermelon slushy! :)  It was light and refreshing, like a cool glass of sunshine on a hot south Florida summer day!


Have you ever tried yellow watermelon? Let me know your thoughts or experience with it in the comments below, plus what’s your favorite summer fruit?!


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Hits Sessions Starring Bebe Rexha <3

What a night!  This week's Hits Sessions was fierce, fun, and super friendly -  just like Bebe Rexha - who took the stage at Revolution Live in downtown Fort Lauderdale, courtesy of Lexus of Pembroke Pines, Lexus of North Miami, and of course the new HITS 973!  


She is definitely one of the most down to earth and dopest singer/songwriters out right now.  You may be a die hard Bebe fan, or you may be a fan of hers and not even know it.  How?  Her voice is one of the key elements in some of your favorite songs like "Hey Mama" (Guetta/Nicki Minaj), "Take Me Home" (Cash Cash), "Me Myself and I" with G-Eazy and more.  If none of those ring a bell, maybe you've heard "Monster" by Eminem ft know the one - the number 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit was cowritten by Bebe Rexha herself and was originally titled "Monster Under My Bed".


Back to the other night! Bebe interviewed on stage with Frankie P, and discussed her story and records, stopping from time to time to perform pieces of her records acoustically, with her guitarist Ray.  Her voice was strong & unique, and her personality and humanity continued to come through when a fan asked about one of her older songs, "Take Me Home" - she was honest about not even remembering all the words while belting it out!


Her newest collaboration is with Martin Garrix, called "In the Name of Love" - listen below!   If you weren't at Hits Sessions and haven't quite gotten the picture of how Bebe Rexha can sweep you off your feet, maybe THIS picture will help you better understand:

:P I wasn't kidding, or being figurative, she literally swept me off my feet!!!  Whether she swept you off your feet literally or figuratively, let me know about your experience in the comments section below!  If you couldn't make it, here video from the event, so you can get the whole experience even if you weren't with us!


My other favorite part of Hits Sessions is meeting and connecting with so many of the amazing HITS 973 listeners!  The next Hits Sessions is starring Ruth B, and is going down September 1st at Revolution Live, make sure you DWNLD the HITS973 App right on your phone to win your tickets!! 

See you there ;)

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Loving the Lashes :)


Looking for the perfect lash?  EYE might have just what you're looking for!

It certainly can be a journey to find the genie in a bottle when it comes to mascara.  So many factors - the perfect color, the perfect brush, perfect size, waterproof, smudge proof, what really matters - and which of these really is the best?

In a world of options, it seems to be harder and harder to find that perfect magical wand of mascaras! Last week though, I was handed the tiniest tube of sample mascara, from a natural company called Arbonne.  So with no expectations, I decided to  try it on the next morning. 


I have always been a fan of big fluffy mascara brushes, so when I opened my new tube and saw a plasticky wand - I was a biiit hesitant.  I put in on anyway, and I was pretty freakin surprised!! It didn't just lengthen, or widen, or darken, or multiply... it.. did.. everything!

What I loved most is that it was such an unassuming little thing that turned my lashes into luscious!!  Plus, Arbonne seems to be a super health-conscious brand, which is beyond a bonus.  I use mostly all-natural face products, and mascara is one item I hadn't found in a "good for you" product that was as GOOD - as it was "good for you"!



If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the perfect lashes are the perfect set of curtains!  How do you get your perfect curtains?  A list of some of the many types of mascara wands, below:

- Straight

- Curved

- Comb

- Fluffy

- Rubber

- Spherical

- Vibrating

(Yes they even have a vibrating mascara wand now! It shakes it's way through your lashes while applying mascara!)


I can't even imagine what the future mascara world has in store, smart lashes? ;P

What's your favorite mascara?  Have any amazing or funny mascara stories?  I'm pretty sure every one who has ever worn mascara has at least once or twice slipped and almost poked an eye out! ;P

Comment your thoughts below!


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Loco for Ocho!


Ever wanted something so much, you’d go the distance to have it?!  Meet my something:  Ocho Candy.  Since the first time I ate an Ocho (no pun intended), I was hooked - this infinitely tasty little morsel of goodness has had me hunting for Ocho's at every store I stop by.  

:D Jokes aside, I - no joke - convinced my friend to bring me back 8 bags of Peppermint Ocho's for me from New York City to Miami!  It didn’t hurt that I’ve known her since I was 4 and we’d do anything for each other, but still, I don't just wake up every day and ask people to ship me candy from around the world!


Now, you may be wondering "WHY a candy is worth bringing across almost ten states?"  You may ask yourself, "Do they not carry Ocho's ANYWHERE between south FL and NYC?"  The answer is:  of course they do!  You can actually find Ocho candies at Target and Whole Foods, and a grocery store called Tunies in Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs :D

One particular flavor though - Peppermint Creme covered in dark chocolate - was available around Christmas time in south Florida last year, and I haven’t been able to find it ANYWHERE since!  But as fate would have it, my good friend found them in the Big Apple :)  


There are half a dozen or so flavors of Ocho, ranging from Carmel and Mocha to Coffee and Coconut, and more.  Some are covered in milk chocolate, others in dark - and I’ve heard they are ALL delicious.  The two that I’ve tried (the only two I can personally have, since they don’t have wheat or Dairy ingredients) are the Peppermint and the Coconut.  The Peppermint, I like to say, tastes like a Peppermint Patty, but with the consistency of a Milky Way.  The Coconut is just like a Mounds bar, except it's vegan and there is no corn syrup or preservatives - and it is certified USDA Organic! 


So whether you’re looking for a healthier alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth (or for me - sweet teeth!), or if I’ve just left you curious as to what Ocho candies are all about, look for them at your local grocery store or check out more info online at

Have you ever had an Ocho? What’s your favorite flavor? Chime in with your comments below!


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Mangos Mangos everywhere! One of my favorite things about summer in Miami is mango season - not only are mangos abundant throughout the summer, but Miami is also home to a festival ALL ABOUT mangos!  The International Mango Festival #mangofest is located at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens in Coral Gables over two days - and they celebrated 24 years last Sunday.

It's been just over a week since #MangoFest and I'm already having withdrawals! If you've never been to the festival but love mangos, definitely mark it down on your calendar for next year! Until then, let's look at some of the highlights of the event...

Mango tasting, mango brew, mango jams, mango pops, mango pies - everything turns mango right before your eyes ;)  Did you know there are over 400 varieties of mangos??  If you've ever wanted to tango with a new type of mango - this is the place to find it:  Alfonso, Ataulfo, Haden, & Kent are my faves, but there are SOOO many I still have to try (so many mangos, not enough time!).  Reading about mangos is like hearing about music - you eventually have to taste it for yourself - but since the festival is filled with great information, you can at least be aware of all the different varietals you eventually want to try out. Another advantage of the festival: you can even buy yourself a mango tree or participate in a mango auction!


More general information here:

My favorite part of the mango festival (other than munching on mangos of course) is seeing how different vendors and products include mango in their recipes.  The festival is famous for their MANGO PIES, and two of my favorite #mangofest offerings are MANGO MACAROONS and MANGO POPS (popsicles made of mango pulp)!  Certain vendors even include eclectic pairings like mango basil & mango habenero, and flavors like mango strawberry are available for the lighter / less adventurous palate!

You can keep up with updates and lots more pics from  international mango festival on their social media below:





Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens is home to many great events outside of mango fest throughout the year, which you can check out here:

Have you been to #MangoFest?!

Comment below with your favorite #mangofest story or experience! <3


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Cuckoo for Cold Brew!

You know that feeling when you really need a cold brew on a hot south Florida day?  I get that feeling almost EVERY day - I'm talking about cold brew coffee of course :)

If you haven't heard of cold brew and you love coffee - it is SOO worth a try!  Cold brew coffee is known for its lower acidity, higher caffeine content, and smoother taste.  With all the new food and health trends it can be hard to keep up, but making cold brew has one distinct difference than traditional brew - the heat is replaced with time!


You can buy your own home cold brew coffee maker and start brewing it at night - just be aware that it does take some time, so it will be ready by the morning!  If you don't have time to brew at home, you can purchase cold brewed coffee at a number of coffee shops, including Starbucks and Panther coffee.  Both Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas are big fans of the stuff, Joe even said if he was any coffee, he'd be Panther Cold Brew!  Here are some pics of Nick and Cold Brew!


Other options for cold brew - and MY personal favorite - is prepackaged bottled cold brew.  Some brands come straight up, some with flavors and sweeteners. Chameleon Cold Brew is a brand sold in glass bottles, some come black, but my preference is Mexican-flavored with cinnamon and almond extract!  Another awesome option and perfect if you like your coffee with cream, is Califia Farms.  They have an array of awesome drinks including a line of cold brew coffee made with almond milk!  Two of my faves are their Salted Carmel and their Triple Shot option for long nights on radio or in the studio! 



Links for Chameleon and Califia below:


It's really hard to not love cold brew, at least if you're a coffee lover - I've yet to find one coffee drinker who didn't really enjoy cold brewed coffee!  Have you tried any?  What's your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!


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Undiscovered Track: Vampire - Lazyboy Empire


Whether you've never heard of Lazyboy Empire, or you're borderline obsessed with them like me - despite the name, do not sleep on this group!  On their only currently available track, "Vampire", this record is so much more than a song to only be pulled out on October 31st.  The first time I heard this spicy little nugget, it was only audio (no video) and honestly I’m glad... keep reading to find out why - and listen below ;)

"Vampire" sucked me in - its has a unique and refreshing vibe, with an awesome unforgettable title - and mixes reggae, island, and house, with a jazzy flair and vocals that never stop groovin.  The record simply does not disappoint!  


I started sharing the track with everyone and haven’t heard a negative comment yet!  I started exploring further, watching the video for "Vampire" and researching the band.  Let me start with the band - they're about as close to a ghost as you can get: no website, no wiki, hardly any info and no other music (maybe Lazyboy is a little toooo comfortable ;) )

The video is surprisingly gruesome and thought-provoking at the same time.  Imagine if Kavinsky - Nightcall was on the American Psycho soundtrack.. really cool.. but a little creepy! 


Right now they have just over 2 million views on MrSuicideSheep's YouTube Channel - who first uploaded the track 6-7 months ago - and they have over 1.3 million views on the official music video. They also released a remix album of 4 "Vampire" remixes, compiled from AObeats, Airia, AYO ALEX, Akouo.  Check them out and see which is your favorite - or maybe nothing quite beats the original!


BPM: 100

When to play it:  Lounge, House set, radio mix, early part of the night... pretty much anytime, anywhere! 

What it blends with: Light It Up - Major Lazer , Work From Home - 5H , You Know You Like it - AlunaGeorge DJ Snake Lean On - Major Lazor

Lazyboy Empire

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Hits Live Starring Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas fans couldn't have gotten much CLOSEr than they did at the new Hits 97.3's HITS Live on Monday!! There's not much more than a hug, a picture and asking Nick Jonas that burning question that a fan could ask for, other than maybe his hand in marriage ;)

Straight from his vacation in the Bahamas, Nick flew to Miami this past weekend to start rehearsals for his Honda Civic Tour with Demi Lovato which is going down at the BB&T center this Friday July 1st. 


His Album "Last Year Was Complicated" was released June 10th, and within the last month he has released three music videos from the New Album including, "Chainsaw", "Under You", and "Bacon" as possible follow ups to his Hit single "Close"! All of the videos thus far outside of "Bacon", have featured leading ladies from singer Tove Lo, to star or "Pretty Little Liars" Shay Mitchell with whom he's gotten to showcase not only his acting chops, but his sultry side. Check out all 4 videos below.


Since going solo, Nick has been able to present a more personal side with many of this album's tracks, delving into what he dealt with in his last relationship, a breakup after 2 years, and the impact going solo had on him and his brothers. Nick has said that he was actually the one to start up the conversation of him and his brothers parting ways and him becoming his own artist again. A part of him always new it was the only way he'd truly be able to showcase who he was, and the R&B/Soul sounds that he loved. He had attempted branching away from the Jonas Brothers in the past, however never as successfully as he's been this time around. He seems to have officially grown in to himself, his talent, his artistry, and there is no stopping him now!


Back to Hits Live! Nick Jonas walked into the Hits 97.3 Penthouse to an intimate crowd of 60 screaming fans, who all seemed to be in awe of Mr. Jonas, but hey he's multi talented, beyond a triple threat, down to earth, super chill, and knows he can have it all.  Like his other new song says: "Don't Make Me Choose" ;)


The event was powered by Lexus of Pembroke Pines and Lexus of North Miami and of course the New Hits 97.3! Lexus provided swag bags to each attendee including a towel, keychain, pen, car charger, and more! 


Fans got a chance to ask Nick Jonas anything during the interview, I've included a few of the questions below!

Top Three Questions: 

1. If you were any blend of coffee what would you be:

Breakfast Blend.

2. What's one thing you do before every show?

Meditate! About 11 minutes of just meditation.

3.) Any chance you'll be doing a song with DNCE in the future?

Maybe? I mean Joe is my roommate, we have a studio where we live so we're always working on music, I'd be down, we just have very different performance styles.

Final words of Nick Jonas:

"Last year was complicated, this year is amazing"

"Enjoy the ride, have fun" :)

Nick's Music Videos:


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QPED Life Clothing

If creativity is a drug, QPED Life is a pharmacist dishing out doses of designs that won't let you down!


 QPED Life Clothing, as a brand, eradicates social borders and focuses on people working collectively to reach their goals through positivity and passion.  The company's slogan, "Shoot from the Heart" says so much in just 4 words.  What does "shoot from the heart" meant to you?  I see it as following your heart to lead and inspire others through doing what you love.  Have you ever wondered where creation itself is created?  It's a little place called 'passion', and this slogan urges us all to pursue what’s close to our heart - our passion - to the fullest, and watch the rest fall in place!  Not only is the brand fashionable and education-based all at the same time, but it really blends creativity, care, and comfort, and doesn’t jeopardize one for the other. 


If all that wasn’t enough of a reason to check it out, QPED Life doesn’t stop at clothing, it's a philosophy and perspective.  Their art was just featured in Captain America: Civil War, in a scene in Peter Parker’s (Spider Man's) bedroom.  That same artwork is available on a fun and comfy Tee that you could watch Captain America in, or draw loads of attention and compliments from wearing to somewhere like Wynwood or Fat Village Artwalk:


With celebrity endorsements from Adam Lambert and Rachel Platten to Avicii and even the founder of Apple - Steve Wozniak - everyone has a favorite QPED style! 


Some of my personal favorites from the line are below:


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Hits Live Starring DNCE

South Florida fans were DNCE-ing on cloud 9 this past weekend!  Not only was DNCE in town opening for Selena Gomez’s "Revival" tour on Saturday, June 11th, but the band had a chance to stop by the HITS 97.3 Studios for a special and super intimate HITS Live event.  If you're not familiar with HITS Live, or haven't had a chance to join us - this is where HITS 97.3 listeners and fans win a chance to interact with some of their favorite celebrities - in a room of no more than 80 people.  Fans get to have lunch, take pictures, and ask questions to celebrities like Fifth Harmony, Shawn Hook, Sofia Carson, even Iggy Azalea!  


If you don’t know much about DNCE yet, they are a band formed by Nick Jonas’ older brother and previous member of the Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas. Joe is joined by musicians Jack, JinJoo, and Cole (who has a really punk rock hairdo!).  DNCE was nominated "Favorite New Artist" at the 2016 Kids Choice Awards, and their first single, "Cake by the Ocean" exploded into the top ten on the Billboard top 100 Chart.


The group has recently garnered a lot of buzz after having the beautiful and first ever plus-sized model to ever be featured on Sports Illustrated’s cover- Ashley Graham - in the music video to their second released single, "Toothbrush".  With a blend of catchy vocals, singalong melodies, and musicians who can ROCK - there is no shortage of fun and flavor when it comes to this band!

New Single:  "Toothbrush" Vibe: Cool driving with the top down record, Weekend Vibes, Spontaneous Karaoke ;)

BPM: 105

Records it mixes with: Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake, Light it Up - Major Lazer, & Same Old Love - Selena Gomez.

Some more details on the event itself are below!

HITS Live with DNCE courtesy of the new HITS 97.3 and Lexus of North Miami and Lexus of Pembroke Pines went down at the Hits 97.3 Penthouse this past Saturday in Hollywood, Fl.  The food was catered by Whiskey Tango with an assortment of mild & hot wings, mac n’ cheese, and chicken strips!! :P

The top 3 fun questions asked by the fans:

1.) If you could be any Coffee Flavor, what would you be?

Joe: Panther Cold Brew

Cole: 100mph Motor Oil Gasoline

JinJoo: Iced Vanilla Latte

Jack: Just a regular plain old Cappuccino


2.) Favorite thing to get at Whole Foods:

Jack: Good beer Selection and Cheese

Joe: Healthy unhealthy snacks

Cole: Alcohol/Salsa Selection

JinJoo: Vitamins


3.) Who’s the better dancer of the four?

Cole took this one and said they are all different, Joe’s strength is ballroom, his own is weird avant-garde conceptual robot dancing, JinJoo is hiphop and twerking, and Jack’s like the the coolest guy at the rock show dancing. 


Some pictures and a video from the event are below:

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The Chainsmokers "Don't Let Me Down"

The Chainsmokers definitely didn’t let us down with their second top 10 Billboard Hot 100 record and 3rd #1 Electronic Dance Music Single.

I’ve known these guys from when “Roses” was first introduced to radio, I’m actually pretty sure I was the first DJ to play “Roses” on-air in the state of Florida, and believe it or not - for a while - I was probably the only one! At that time, I was playing Adam Levine and R. City’s ‘Locked Away’ and when I heard the drop in ‘Roses’, it was such a natural fit that I started using it as a segway between the two genres.


I got to meet Drew and Alex before a show at Story nightclub (pic above), they talked about a crazy happening between them and Paris Hilton, talked about some of their recent world travels, and then put on a fantastic show that night!  I became a fan, they said they were about to release a new single called “Roses”, and the rest is history.  Rewind a little further back to April 2014, prior to my show with Steve Aoki, Steve was telling us the story about how he found and signed the Chainsmokers and released “Selfie”, which became a massive worldwide smash.  With all that history, The Chainsmokers are definitely part of the family!


By the time their second single, “Don’t Let Me Down” with the talented young singer Daya, was released this year,  I continued to be impressed about the uniqueness in their music & sound choices. It didn’t simply sound like everything else in their genre, and the song combined multiple perspectives, between their tone as badass producers and DJ’s, Daya’s sweet but haunting vocals, and the collaboration of the pop and dance worlds.

The record fit the cool Kat format and I was drawn to it not only as a DJ of pop and dance music, but as a personality on pop radio, and as a vocalist. Best of all, the record was catchy, vocally and instrumentally, and that beat, well it was aggressive and cool all at the same time.

From the beginning of being exposed to the Chainsmokers’ music, it was fun, it was exciting, and there was a realness to the music that was refreshing.  “Don’t Let Me Down” is nothing short of the same!

Kat’s Purr-sonal Take:

What does the record blend with: Never Forget You - Zara Larson MNEK, Stitches (3Lau Remix), Where are you Now – Jack U / Justin Bieber

What’s the bpm: 80

Their production style: Aggressive and cool at the same time. They make records that can be played at all times of the day and are still digestible to different, atmospheres, age groups, etc

Best time to play the record? “Don’t Let Me Down” has done extremely well at all times of day, it plays on morning radio rotation as well at the height of the night in the mix and club scene.

What do the girls think about this record? What’s great about much of their music is that it blends different perspectives. So their last two records and specifically “Don’t Let Me Down" has a female perspective front and center mixed in with their perspective as guys. So not only is the music a blast to have fun and dance to for girls and really people in general, but girls including myself (guys too, guys too ;) seem to really enjoy jamming and singing along to their music.

The song was previously produced with singer Emily Warren on the vocals, but Daya and her team soon became interested in the song. Daya’s manager believed it was an opportunity for her to grow up in front of her fans since her first single, "Hide Away" was geared towards a more teen demographic, whereas "Don't Let Me Down" targeted a wider audience with a more mature vibe. Daya then came into the studio, smashed the vocals, and both teams loved the finished product! You can listen to their collaboration below!!🎧


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