Hits Sessions Starring Steve Aoki

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Two things that you'd never think could be any more EPIC - a Steve Aoki show, and the New Hits 97.3's Hits Sessions - collided on Friday to make sweet cake HITStory!!

I had the pleasure of heating up the night while spinning at Revolution Live before Steve Aoki took the stage, and rocked the crowd with hits from some of Aoki's buddies - The Chainsmokers, Diplo, Kid Cudi, and more!!!  The amazing HITS listeners were even louder and more hype than ever, and as always I LOVED every minute on the decks! 😉

Once Aoki took the stage the crowd literally lost it!!!  Dj Laz and Kimmy B interviewed Steve and nothing was off limits.  They chatted about  his new Netflix Documentary "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" including how he got his start, his journey, who he's worked with along the way, what he's up to now, and what's to come.  Along the way, he actually premiered a new track that he's NEVER played before in public.  The new music was awesome and had the crowd LIT!!!  Aoki even brought fans onto the stage for dancing and selfies!

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Steve definitely knows how to start a party and that was all even before the cakes were brought out🎂😁🎂


Hits 97.3 Listeners and hardcore Aoki fans (including one guy in a banana suit), lined up for the caking of a lifetime!!!  While blasting his notorious track "Cake Face", Steve plastered his victims, and before you know it - everyone was throwing cake in the air and it looked like it was raining cake confetti!!!😜


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One of the greatest things about Steve is that aside from providing madly entertaining shows, he is undoubtedly a smart and giving individual who is involved in a plethora of charity work, and pushes a message of really being able to create anything you set your mind to!

For more info on his music, charity work, and upcoming performances, click here.  To see pics/video of my show with Steve at Hard Rock arena, click here [https://youtu.be/gbm7nRPHZtk]  [www.scs-partners.biz/talentbooking]

Did you make it out?! What was you favorite part of the night? Who should come to the HITS Sessions stage next? Sound off in the comments below!😊


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Special thanks to the New Hits 97.3, Steve Aoki, Lexus of Pembroke Pines and Lexus of North Miami!

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