Hurricane Matthew


Hurricane Matthew skated right by south Florida this week, but while we're pretty much high and dry, there are still people feeling the effects of the storm.

Whether this was your first experience or just one of many experiences with the effects of - or even simply the preparations that come along with a hurricane, we can be grateful and continue to learn from everything that comes along with the possibility of a hurricane making landfall where we live.


Now that the commotion has passed and there is no urgency in front of us, it's actually the perfect time to reflect on what worked and what didn't work - because in south Florida, there's always the chance of another storm coming around the corner. 

Some of the top concerns when dealing with a pending storm are: having shutters (or something to protect the windows), enough water & food, gasoline for vehicles and generators, and certain supplies like flashlights, a radio, a first aid kit, and at least a week's supply of any medicines you may need.  Many of these concerns could be addressed way before things get chaotic - I know many many people who went to get water, only to find empty shelves on Wednesday!


When it comes to water, there are a ton of options even if you don't want to buy bottles. You could buy 5 gallon jugs instead and fill cups or your own bottles (approx $4-6 to fill a jug), or you could avoid buying water altogether and fill up empty bottles or tupperware with filtered water or tap!  For food, it's a great idea to always have some kind of dry or canned food during hurricane season, so all kinds of chips, cereals, dried fruit, protein bars, canned tuna, salmon, beans - anything that has a long expiration date that doesn't require refrigeration and that you can eat without cooking! You don't have to wait till we have hurricane watches or warnings to have shelf stable food in the house, especially during hurricane season!

Now, on to shutters!!!!
It is suggested to put shutters up as soon as there is a tropical storm watch because from there things can move very quickly and become unsafe to do so 😳 I personally know a few people who got injured with hurricane shutters this week because of being in a rush, or not asking for help, or simply not taking proper precautions.


One friend, who will remain nameless πŸ™ˆ took on putting his shutters up, last minute, by himself. Needless to say, shutters are really a two person job, and he found out the reality of that 6 stitches later when the shutter came crashing down on his foot! πŸ˜–  Better to prepare early, get a buddy, be careful and wear safe attire, boots and gloves.

Speaking of a buddy, my experience this week, even though we didn't really get the storm, was that it was a great excuse to be with family 😁  Us Floridians often joke about Hurricane parties, but it really is always a fun / good idea to be with loved ones in a safe place together just in case!

As you may have seen, there a lot of memes joking about how little to no effects we had in south Florida - one of the most popular is below:


While these are a good laugh when you look at how concerned some of us got, the severity of the actual storm is no joke, because they really can be dangerous - and all is takes is one treefall or electric wire in water - to completely alter someone's life.  

The most important thing to remember is that we did not get the brunt of the storm here in the southeast, and not to get complacent in the future thinking that a category 4 hurricane is no big deal.  Look at the images from Haiti, Cuba, St Augustine and always be safe and prepare when it is suggested to do so!  Of course if you're able to, when the storm has cleared, be a part of the community and help other people that weren't as fortunate as you or I.

A couple random tips! 
- Do your laundryπŸ‘šπŸ‘•πŸ‘–πŸ˜œ
- Cook the food you have so it lasts longer, ex: Hard boil your eggs!
- Either keep extra batteries or have a flashlight or radio that are manually powered!
- Clean and fill up your bathtub with water to be able to wash with or flush toilets with!

And incase you forget....😺


How was your experience? Any helpful hurricane tips or tricks? Comment below!!

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