The Chainsmokers "Don't Let Me Down"

The Chainsmokers definitely didn’t let us down with their second top 10 Billboard Hot 100 record and 3rd #1 Electronic Dance Music Single.

I’ve known these guys from when “Roses” was first introduced to radio, I’m actually pretty sure I was the first DJ to play “Roses” on-air in the state of Florida, and believe it or not - for a while - I was probably the only one! At that time, I was playing Adam Levine and R. City’s ‘Locked Away’ and when I heard the drop in ‘Roses’, it was such a natural fit that I started using it as a segway between the two genres.


I got to meet Drew and Alex before a show at Story nightclub (pic above), they talked about a crazy happening between them and Paris Hilton, talked about some of their recent world travels, and then put on a fantastic show that night!  I became a fan, they said they were about to release a new single called “Roses”, and the rest is history.  Rewind a little further back to April 2014, prior to my show with Steve Aoki, Steve was telling us the story about how he found and signed the Chainsmokers and released “Selfie”, which became a massive worldwide smash.  With all that history, The Chainsmokers are definitely part of the family!


By the time their second single, “Don’t Let Me Down” with the talented young singer Daya, was released this year,  I continued to be impressed about the uniqueness in their music & sound choices. It didn’t simply sound like everything else in their genre, and the song combined multiple perspectives, between their tone as badass producers and DJ’s, Daya’s sweet but haunting vocals, and the collaboration of the pop and dance worlds.

The record fit the cool Kat format and I was drawn to it not only as a DJ of pop and dance music, but as a personality on pop radio, and as a vocalist. Best of all, the record was catchy, vocally and instrumentally, and that beat, well it was aggressive and cool all at the same time.

From the beginning of being exposed to the Chainsmokers’ music, it was fun, it was exciting, and there was a realness to the music that was refreshing.  “Don’t Let Me Down” is nothing short of the same!

Kat’s Purr-sonal Take:

What does the record blend with: Never Forget You - Zara Larson MNEK, Stitches (3Lau Remix), Where are you Now – Jack U / Justin Bieber

What’s the bpm: 80

Their production style: Aggressive and cool at the same time. They make records that can be played at all times of the day and are still digestible to different, atmospheres, age groups, etc

Best time to play the record? “Don’t Let Me Down” has done extremely well at all times of day, it plays on morning radio rotation as well at the height of the night in the mix and club scene.

What do the girls think about this record? What’s great about much of their music is that it blends different perspectives. So their last two records and specifically “Don’t Let Me Down" has a female perspective front and center mixed in with their perspective as guys. So not only is the music a blast to have fun and dance to for girls and really people in general, but girls including myself (guys too, guys too ;) seem to really enjoy jamming and singing along to their music.

The song was previously produced with singer Emily Warren on the vocals, but Daya and her team soon became interested in the song. Daya’s manager believed it was an opportunity for her to grow up in front of her fans since her first single, "Hide Away" was geared towards a more teen demographic, whereas "Don't Let Me Down" targeted a wider audience with a more mature vibe. Daya then came into the studio, smashed the vocals, and both teams loved the finished product! You can listen to their collaboration below!!🎧


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