Wow Wow Watermelon!


Wow wow watermelon! As if red juicy watermelon in the peak of summer wasn’t wonderful enough, imagine my surprise as I was strolling through the aisles at a local market and ran in to some YELLOW watermelon! Watermelon really epitomizes summer fruit, and a yellow watermelon that shines like the sun seemed too perfect to be true.. But there is was, staring at me in all its bright yellow glory.  I picked it up, introduced myself to the watermelon, and buckled it into the passenger seat on the way home ;)


First thing I did with it, was put it on my snapchat (it matched my yellow butterflies on the snapchat filter :P )  “Look what I got!” I said, obviously excited that I found this super cool, unique gem.  I took some pics and then dug in!


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Next, I cut it up with fresh blackberries and some basil.. It was delicious and sweet, with a hint of a honey flavor.  Something you may not know, is that I’m a fruit fanatic, and I LOVE finding new fruits that I’ve never tried or heard of.  There’s just something exciting about finding exotic fruits :D 


I thought about what else I could do with my yellow watermelon.  I decided to cut it up and blend it with some crushed ice, making a yellow watermelon slushy! :)  It was light and refreshing, like a cool glass of sunshine on a hot south Florida summer day!


Have you ever tried yellow watermelon? Let me know your thoughts or experience with it in the comments below, plus what’s your favorite summer fruit?!


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