Loving the Lashes :)


Looking for the perfect lash?  EYE might have just what you're looking for!

It certainly can be a journey to find the genie in a bottle when it comes to mascara.  So many factors - the perfect color, the perfect brush, perfect size, waterproof, smudge proof, what really matters - and which of these really is the best?

In a world of options, it seems to be harder and harder to find that perfect magical wand of mascaras! Last week though, I was handed the tiniest tube of sample mascara, from a natural company called Arbonne.  So with no expectations, I decided to  try it on the next morning. 


I have always been a fan of big fluffy mascara brushes, so when I opened my new tube and saw a plasticky wand - I was a biiit hesitant.  I put in on anyway, and I was pretty freakin surprised!! It didn't just lengthen, or widen, or darken, or multiply... it.. did.. everything!

What I loved most is that it was such an unassuming little thing that turned my lashes into luscious!!  Plus, Arbonne seems to be a super health-conscious brand, which is beyond a bonus.  I use mostly all-natural face products, and mascara is one item I hadn't found in a "good for you" product that was as GOOD - as it was "good for you"!



If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the perfect lashes are the perfect set of curtains!  How do you get your perfect curtains?  A list of some of the many types of mascara wands, below:

- Straight

- Curved

- Comb

- Fluffy

- Rubber

- Spherical

- Vibrating

(Yes they even have a vibrating mascara wand now! It shakes it's way through your lashes while applying mascara!)


I can't even imagine what the future mascara world has in store, smart lashes? ;P

What's your favorite mascara?  Have any amazing or funny mascara stories?  I'm pretty sure every one who has ever worn mascara has at least once or twice slipped and almost poked an eye out! ;P

Comment your thoughts below!


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