Hits Sessions Starring Ruth B


In the world of entertainment, it's always GO time, and last night was no exception!  I was  smack dab in the middle of creative mode, aka PJ’s and a spoon of peanut butter :P and I got THE call!  It was 5:40pm and I was requested to step in and DJ HitsSessions starring Ruth B. This meant I had to get to Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale in just over an hour. Between getting ready and dealing with traffic - I wasn’t sure how it was even feasible, I just knew I was gunna make it happen! 

So you know those scenes in the movies where girls are picking out their outfits and it goes in fast motion? That was me, in actual motion lol.  For real though - I tried about 3 things on that didn’t work before I landed on my outfit and at that time had no more time for options, so it’s good that I found something!  (If not I might have had to show up in PJ’s and just call it a new trend!)  I took about 5 min on hair, 5 on makeup, 5 to make sure I had what I needed to DJ, and I boooooked!


I made it to Revolution Live a few minutes early, and there were already Ruth B fans lined up waiting for the doors to open!  Lulu and Lala were on the stage, snapping away and throwing out giveaways!  The energy in the room was palpable as we sang, danced, and patiently anticipated Ruth B’s arrival!


One song I was excited to play for the first time, was Fifth Harmony’s “That’s My Girl” and 2 seconds into the song - all the girls went CRAZY!! 

Ruth B took the stage behind her keyboard and started off with an interview with Frankie P!  She took questions from fans, including who her favorite artist is (Ed Sheeran) and her favorite song right now (Troye Sivan “Youth”)! Speaking of “Youth”, Frankie challenged Ruth to some impromptu covers including Troye Sivan "Youth", "Stitches" by Sean Mendes, Drake "Hold On We’re Going Home", and even Fetty Wap "Trap Queen"! 


What a voice! Her name should be Ruth B-eautiful voice!  Her vocal tone is somewhere between marshmallows, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup! She could literally sing the phonebook and it would sound like a beautiful lullaby.  

To hear the whole interview, impromptu covers and her amazing performance, check out all the action here:



If you didn’t make it or couldn’t tell from the video, Ruth B was so thrilled to be with us in Miami.  Her fans sang along with her and were so connected, it was an awesome evening! 

Hits Sessions is back, September 15th, with Hailee Steinfeld, brought to you by HITS 973 and Lexus of North Miami & Lexus of Pembroke Pines!  Make sure you register to win YOUR tickets on the Hits 973 App!! See you there!


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