Hits Live Starring Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas fans couldn't have gotten much CLOSEr than they did at the new Hits 97.3's HITS Live on Monday!! There's not much more than a hug, a picture and asking Nick Jonas that burning question that a fan could ask for, other than maybe his hand in marriage ;)

Straight from his vacation in the Bahamas, Nick flew to Miami this past weekend to start rehearsals for his Honda Civic Tour with Demi Lovato which is going down at the BB&T center this Friday July 1st. 


His Album "Last Year Was Complicated" was released June 10th, and within the last month he has released three music videos from the New Album including, "Chainsaw", "Under You", and "Bacon" as possible follow ups to his Hit single "Close"! All of the videos thus far outside of "Bacon", have featured leading ladies from singer Tove Lo, to star or "Pretty Little Liars" Shay Mitchell with whom he's gotten to showcase not only his acting chops, but his sultry side. Check out all 4 videos below.


Since going solo, Nick has been able to present a more personal side with many of this album's tracks, delving into what he dealt with in his last relationship, a breakup after 2 years, and the impact going solo had on him and his brothers. Nick has said that he was actually the one to start up the conversation of him and his brothers parting ways and him becoming his own artist again. A part of him always new it was the only way he'd truly be able to showcase who he was, and the R&B/Soul sounds that he loved. He had attempted branching away from the Jonas Brothers in the past, however never as successfully as he's been this time around. He seems to have officially grown in to himself, his talent, his artistry, and there is no stopping him now!


Back to Hits Live! Nick Jonas walked into the Hits 97.3 Penthouse to an intimate crowd of 60 screaming fans, who all seemed to be in awe of Mr. Jonas, but hey he's multi talented, beyond a triple threat, down to earth, super chill, and knows he can have it all.  Like his other new song says: "Don't Make Me Choose" ;)


The event was powered by Lexus of Pembroke Pines and Lexus of North Miami and of course the New Hits 97.3! Lexus provided swag bags to each attendee including a towel, keychain, pen, car charger, and more! 


Fans got a chance to ask Nick Jonas anything during the interview, I've included a few of the questions below!

Top Three Questions: 

1. If you were any blend of coffee what would you be:

Breakfast Blend.

2. What's one thing you do before every show?

Meditate! About 11 minutes of just meditation.

3.) Any chance you'll be doing a song with DNCE in the future?

Maybe? I mean Joe is my roommate, we have a studio where we live so we're always working on music, I'd be down, we just have very different performance styles.

Final words of Nick Jonas:

"Last year was complicated, this year is amazing"

"Enjoy the ride, have fun" :)

Nick's Music Videos:


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Hits Live Starring DNCE

South Florida fans were DNCE-ing on cloud 9 this past weekend!  Not only was DNCE in town opening for Selena Gomez’s "Revival" tour on Saturday, June 11th, but the band had a chance to stop by the HITS 97.3 Studios for a special and super intimate HITS Live event.  If you're not familiar with HITS Live, or haven't had a chance to join us - this is where HITS 97.3 listeners and fans win a chance to interact with some of their favorite celebrities - in a room of no more than 80 people.  Fans get to have lunch, take pictures, and ask questions to celebrities like Fifth Harmony, Shawn Hook, Sofia Carson, even Iggy Azalea!  


If you don’t know much about DNCE yet, they are a band formed by Nick Jonas’ older brother and previous member of the Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas. Joe is joined by musicians Jack, JinJoo, and Cole (who has a really punk rock hairdo!).  DNCE was nominated "Favorite New Artist" at the 2016 Kids Choice Awards, and their first single, "Cake by the Ocean" exploded into the top ten on the Billboard top 100 Chart.


The group has recently garnered a lot of buzz after having the beautiful and first ever plus-sized model to ever be featured on Sports Illustrated’s cover- Ashley Graham - in the music video to their second released single, "Toothbrush".  With a blend of catchy vocals, singalong melodies, and musicians who can ROCK - there is no shortage of fun and flavor when it comes to this band!

New Single:  "Toothbrush" Vibe: Cool driving with the top down record, Weekend Vibes, Spontaneous Karaoke ;)

BPM: 105

Records it mixes with: Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake, Light it Up - Major Lazer, & Same Old Love - Selena Gomez.

Some more details on the event itself are below!

HITS Live with DNCE courtesy of the new HITS 97.3 and Lexus of North Miami and Lexus of Pembroke Pines went down at the Hits 97.3 Penthouse this past Saturday in Hollywood, Fl.  The food was catered by Whiskey Tango with an assortment of mild & hot wings, mac n’ cheese, and chicken strips!! :P

The top 3 fun questions asked by the fans:

1.) If you could be any Coffee Flavor, what would you be?

Joe: Panther Cold Brew

Cole: 100mph Motor Oil Gasoline

JinJoo: Iced Vanilla Latte

Jack: Just a regular plain old Cappuccino


2.) Favorite thing to get at Whole Foods:

Jack: Good beer Selection and Cheese

Joe: Healthy unhealthy snacks

Cole: Alcohol/Salsa Selection

JinJoo: Vitamins


3.) Who’s the better dancer of the four?

Cole took this one and said they are all different, Joe’s strength is ballroom, his own is weird avant-garde conceptual robot dancing, JinJoo is hiphop and twerking, and Jack’s like the the coolest guy at the rock show dancing. 


Some pictures and a video from the event are below:

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*Disclaimer: Some of the photos used in this blog are not my own work. All rights go to the original owners who took these photos.*