QPED Life Clothing

If creativity is a drug, QPED Life is a pharmacist dishing out doses of designs that won't let you down!


 QPED Life Clothing, as a brand, eradicates social borders and focuses on people working collectively to reach their goals through positivity and passion.  The company's slogan, "Shoot from the Heart" says so much in just 4 words.  What does "shoot from the heart" meant to you?  I see it as following your heart to lead and inspire others through doing what you love.  Have you ever wondered where creation itself is created?  It's a little place called 'passion', and this slogan urges us all to pursue what’s close to our heart - our passion - to the fullest, and watch the rest fall in place!  Not only is the brand fashionable and education-based all at the same time, but it really blends creativity, care, and comfort, and doesn’t jeopardize one for the other. 


If all that wasn’t enough of a reason to check it out, QPED Life doesn’t stop at clothing, it's a philosophy and perspective.  Their art was just featured in Captain America: Civil War, in a scene in Peter Parker’s (Spider Man's) bedroom.  That same artwork is available on a fun and comfy Tee that you could watch Captain America in, or draw loads of attention and compliments from wearing to somewhere like Wynwood or Fat Village Artwalk:





With celebrity endorsements from Adam Lambert and Rachel Platten to Avicii and even the founder of Apple - Steve Wozniak - everyone has a favorite QPED style! 


Some of my personal favorites from the line are below:


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