Loco for Ocho!


Ever wanted something so much, you’d go the distance to have it?!  Meet my something:  Ocho Candy.  Since the first time I ate an Ocho (no pun intended), I was hooked - this infinitely tasty little morsel of goodness has had me hunting for Ocho's at every store I stop by.  

:D Jokes aside, I - no joke - convinced my friend to bring me back 8 bags of Peppermint Ocho's for me from New York City to Miami!  It didn’t hurt that I’ve known her since I was 4 and we’d do anything for each other, but still, I don't just wake up every day and ask people to ship me candy from around the world!


Now, you may be wondering "WHY a candy is worth bringing across almost ten states?"  You may ask yourself, "Do they not carry Ocho's ANYWHERE between south FL and NYC?"  The answer is:  of course they do!  You can actually find Ocho candies at Target and Whole Foods, and a grocery store called Tunies in Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs :D

One particular flavor though - Peppermint Creme covered in dark chocolate - was available around Christmas time in south Florida last year, and I haven’t been able to find it ANYWHERE since!  But as fate would have it, my good friend found them in the Big Apple :)  


There are half a dozen or so flavors of Ocho, ranging from Carmel and Mocha to Coffee and Coconut, and more.  Some are covered in milk chocolate, others in dark - and I’ve heard they are ALL delicious.  The two that I’ve tried (the only two I can personally have, since they don’t have wheat or Dairy ingredients) are the Peppermint and the Coconut.  The Peppermint, I like to say, tastes like a Peppermint Patty, but with the consistency of a Milky Way.  The Coconut is just like a Mounds bar, except it's vegan and there is no corn syrup or preservatives - and it is certified USDA Organic! 


So whether you’re looking for a healthier alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth (or for me - sweet teeth!), or if I’ve just left you curious as to what Ocho candies are all about, look for them at your local grocery store or check out more info online at OchoCandy.com

Have you ever had an Ocho? What’s your favorite flavor? Chime in with your comments below!


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Undiscovered Track: Vampire - Lazyboy Empire


Whether you've never heard of Lazyboy Empire, or you're borderline obsessed with them like me - despite the name, do not sleep on this group!  On their only currently available track, "Vampire", this record is so much more than a song to only be pulled out on October 31st.  The first time I heard this spicy little nugget, it was only audio (no video) and honestly I’m glad... keep reading to find out why - and listen below ;)

"Vampire" sucked me in - its has a unique and refreshing vibe, with an awesome unforgettable title - and mixes reggae, island, and house, with a jazzy flair and vocals that never stop groovin.  The record simply does not disappoint!  


I started sharing the track with everyone and haven’t heard a negative comment yet!  I started exploring further, watching the video for "Vampire" and researching the band.  Let me start with the band - they're about as close to a ghost as you can get: no website, no wiki, hardly any info and no other music (maybe Lazyboy is a little toooo comfortable ;) )

The video is surprisingly gruesome and thought-provoking at the same time.  Imagine if Kavinsky - Nightcall was on the American Psycho soundtrack.. really cool.. but a little creepy! 


Right now they have just over 2 million views on MrSuicideSheep's YouTube Channel - who first uploaded the track 6-7 months ago - and they have over 1.3 million views on the official music video. They also released a remix album of 4 "Vampire" remixes, compiled from AObeats, Airia, AYO ALEX, Akouo.  Check them out and see which is your favorite - or maybe nothing quite beats the original!


BPM: 100

When to play it:  Lounge, House set, radio mix, early part of the night... pretty much anytime, anywhere! 

What it blends with: Light It Up - Major Lazer , Work From Home - 5H , You Know You Like it - AlunaGeorge DJ Snake Lean On - Major Lazor

Lazyboy Empire

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*Disclaimer: Some of the photos used in this blog are not my own work. All rights go to the original owners who took these photos.*