Undiscovered Track: Vampire - Lazyboy Empire


Whether you've never heard of Lazyboy Empire, or you're borderline obsessed with them like me - despite the name, do not sleep on this group!  On their only currently available track, "Vampire", this record is so much more than a song to only be pulled out on October 31st.  The first time I heard this spicy little nugget, it was only audio (no video) and honestly I’m glad... keep reading to find out why - and listen below ;)

"Vampire" sucked me in - its has a unique and refreshing vibe, with an awesome unforgettable title - and mixes reggae, island, and house, with a jazzy flair and vocals that never stop groovin.  The record simply does not disappoint!  


I started sharing the track with everyone and haven’t heard a negative comment yet!  I started exploring further, watching the video for "Vampire" and researching the band.  Let me start with the band - they're about as close to a ghost as you can get: no website, no wiki, hardly any info and no other music (maybe Lazyboy is a little toooo comfortable ;) )

The video is surprisingly gruesome and thought-provoking at the same time.  Imagine if Kavinsky - Nightcall was on the American Psycho soundtrack.. really cool.. but a little creepy! 


Right now they have just over 2 million views on MrSuicideSheep's YouTube Channel - who first uploaded the track 6-7 months ago - and they have over 1.3 million views on the official music video. They also released a remix album of 4 "Vampire" remixes, compiled from AObeats, Airia, AYO ALEX, Akouo.  Check them out and see which is your favorite - or maybe nothing quite beats the original!


BPM: 100

When to play it:  Lounge, House set, radio mix, early part of the night... pretty much anytime, anywhere! 

What it blends with: Light It Up - Major Lazer , Work From Home - 5H , You Know You Like it - AlunaGeorge DJ Snake Lean On - Major Lazor

Lazyboy Empire

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